Proposal number 2

What are they thinking, these men? I really don't understand why they would ask such a thing! You can't lose, they might say; all the girl can say is "no."

But you can lose. You make yourself repugnant to those around you and you sully the reputation of your countrymen. You invite rudeness, the cold shoulder, what-have-you, because it's the only way to ward off your persistent and irrational advances.

At the market in Bamenda today, I just slipped into a shop to look at soccer jerseys as a possible gift for someone at home. First of all the man wouldn't let me leave without buying the shirt—even gave it to me for my price not his because I really wasn't interested in buying it today anyway. Then, he proposes to me! Why would I marry you, strange man holding my arm, trapping me in your little sportswear shop?! Why!

Yes, there was a lot less guilt in me for this my (thankfully only) second proposal from a stranger.


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