The book of Ruth –or, Duti*, as she’s called in Oroko—has officially been launched. This is the first complete book of the Bible to be published in the Oroko language.

The “launching” was held as part of an Mbonge cultural association meeting. Sales of alphabet charts, primers and sundry Oroko materials were slow, but the big-wigs donated generously for their copies of the new publication, setting an excellent precedent for the masses to hopefully follow as the day wore on and the program moved to other matters.

* substituted for similar IPA symbol

(We’ll know more later. Dan & Lisa, who were at the meeting, had to leave as soon as their part in the day was done, so as to get to Bamenda on time for FES. They nearly didn’t make it at all after some important part related to the transmission started dumping all their oil on the road just before they started the winding climb up a steep escarpment, but after a quick fix, the truck is functioning and they’re here safe and sound.)


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