I love the skylights here. At the waning of the day, though the windows grow dim, a certain luminosity emanates from the skylights. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back into a room, thinking to turn off the light only to realize the glow in the centre of the room came from the sun, not a fluorescent bulb.

Friesens replaced their dining room and kitchen skylights recently because they were leaking. What a difference! The old “zinc”, besides the leak, was also dirty, and was discoloured from hours of facing a brilliant sun. The edges which had lain flat on the roof were still entirely transparent, but the square patch through which light shone down to the room below was discoloured to a rather opaque-looking yellow.

The new zinc, of a slightly different quality, though of a more translucent bent, lets in so much more light that at first glance I thought Dan had taken off the old stuff without yet having replaced it with the new. The sun baked down on us with such warmth that first lunch that we quickly cleaned the horizontal blinds hung for that purpose and now pull them across the opening at lunch to filter out some light and heat. “It’s rather ironic,” Dan quips, “that we build this skylight only to cover it up.”


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