Village politics

Just when we thought the “palaver” about the chief was dying down, Mr Mosongo gets dragged in. A few months ago, half the village decided to rise up against the chief, accusing him of I-don’t-know-what, dragging it into the courts where it was eventually tossed out because one of the judges had connections with Big Bekondo and didn’t want the village name brought down over such an inconsequential matter. Now one of the instigators has accused Mr. Mosongo of embezzling funds.

This is ridiculous—and fool-hardy. They chose one of the few people in the village who is above reproach, one of the few men with a spotless record, one man respected by all (well, apparently not by those making the accusations) to drag into the mud. Mr Mosongo obediently went to the police station to follow up on the accusations made against him. His accusers failed to show. Now that a formal report has been made, it cannot be dropped, so the end result is likely to be that every Bokwe, Eyakwe and Bea who’s been skimming money (of which there are likely to be many) may get found out. Mr Mosongo, we suspect, will remain above reproach.

Dan: “They don’t watch soap operas here; they create them.”


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