Bush folly

In the taxi ride back from Mbingo the other day, the radio was on. A number of panellists were discussing what it takes to be successful. It was a rather apposite discussion given the conversation Elsie had just had with the man next to her in the backseat. This man felt Cameroonian university graduates weren’t doing enough to help their countrymen.

Some of the commentators made wise remarks, others were not so helpful. One woman dismissed a fellow critic’s remark as “bush folly,” an insult which says a lot about people’s perspectives. She followed up with the very insightful analogy: “If you’re a lizard in Africa, don’t expect to be a crocodile in America.”

In other words, changing your exterior circumstances doesn’t change who you are. It’s good advice, not only for Africans who think life will be perfect in North America, but also for North Americans who think “becoming a missionary” will make them into “super Christians.”


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