Food by any other name, part three

This time it's bush apples. In a bowl, on the table, they look like apples. Slightly longer/less round, yes, but for something with the name "bush apple," the colouring and general appearance is about right.

When you bite into them, the impression is not entirely dispelled. Granted, they don't taste like an ordinary apple, but are reminiscent of Chinese apple-pears, though lacking the firmness and crispness of either the aforementioned or an ordinary apple.

So it wasn't until I reached the centre that I realized we were dealing with a horse of another colour. There, where the core should have been, was a small, round, light brown pit. Not an apple after all, it seems.

Finally, let me not forget the "grapes"-they've made their appearance. We haven't opened them up yet, but Becky showed me two huge grapefruits, one in particular is as large as a pomelo. I guess grapes as we know them in North America are actually a product of our colder, more northern climes, aren't they?


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