Leaping lizards

Washing my hands before lunch, I heard the scrabbling of tiny feet on concrete. A 6-inch lizard was running toward the corner of the shower cubicle. I finished washing my hands and walked calmly to the kitchen, announcing, "There's a lizard of significant size in my shower; is there something I should I do?" Mike smiles and says, "Get the cat."

The kids rushed to the shower in anticipation while I hunted down the slender teenaged housecat, Holly. To my surprise, the normally indolent and placid puss saw the lizard as soon as I put her down on the bathroom floor and was immediately on the hunt. I tried to get the kids to move out of the way to let her do her job, but there was no need. Within 5 seconds, the lizard was in her mouth and she was unceremoniously ushered outside to enjoy her catch.

So, if you were thinking keeping a housecat here in the village was simply a holdover from decadent Western habits, think again. I suddenly have an enormous appreciation for that kitty. I understand she's deadly with a cockroach as well.


Anonymous said…
we really appreciated our pusu (cat) in Congo as well. She was a great hunter of lizards, spiders and mice. She didn't like being shoved under the sideboard but once she spied the lizzard she went into action.

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