No, not the rabbit walking through the forest. Food. There are different types of fufu, depending on what it's made from. (As far as I know, this staple carbohydrate comes in cocoyam and corn varieties.) I've had the very similar Congo-style luku-made with cassava, I believe-in Canada, and now I've had South West Province Cameroon-style fufu in the village.

Made from a particular type of cocoyam, the purplish-skinned tuber is peeled and boiled like a potato then placed in a large mortar where it is pounded to a greyish-white gooey paste. Johannes, the Scotts' cook, made it today and invited us all to participate in the pounding. Kenneth gleefully mashed up the cocoyams, then I got a turn at pounding the now very sticky mush. It looks like mashed potatoes, but gives a great deal more resistance. With the mortar on the floor, I sat on a chair, using my feet to keep it steady while battering the cocoyams into submission.

I've always been one to be turned off by texture, regardless of whether the taste was otherwise appealing or not, but forewarned is forearmed, so as with my previous experience with luku, I found it really wasn't bad at all once I was prepared to eat sticky, gooey lumps. The small mountain heaped on the serving dish bore a remarkable resemblance to cooked brains, in my humble opinion. Not something I'll be requesting for lunch but not something I'll dread either.

By itself, of course, it would be highly unpleasant, but as we scooped it up with our hands we dipped it into a delectable peanut sauce, which covers a multitude of sins. I believe njama-njama is another option with fufu - it's cooked dark green leaves, vaguely reminiscent of spinach.


lasselanta said…
What kind of sauce do you eat with luku?

"Water fufu" sounds similar; it's made with cassava too. Forewarned is forearmed: If you eat it with okra sauce then you don't have to chew it...
Rebs said…
luku is eaten with similar sauces - a spinach-like one that I suspect is the exact same thing, called ndundu (?) or saka-saka. or with a meat sauce. anything with lots of palm oil.
karla, are you experiencing a lot of palm oil? there's really nothing like it - it's possibly the heaviest oil on the face of the planet.

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